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Electrical Workshop

The electrical workshop is NSW DII certified and licensed to AS/NZSW 3800:2005 for the overhaul and repair of Ex d, Ex i and Ex m protected equipment. Service personnel have been trained and certified for overhaul and repair of Group 1 explosion protected equipment. We offer in house or on site vehicle electric and electronic design installation, Code D, Code C, and Code C1 inspections and vehicle auditing to AS 4871, AS 60204.

Mechanical Workshop

The SETCO Australia underground diesel vehicle service facility is a NSW DII recognized service facility (RSF) for the service and repair of explosion protected diesel engine systems (ExDES) in accordance with AS/NZS 3584.3

The facility is licensed to repair ExDES comprising welding and fabrication repair, thread repairs, machining and fitting repairs, hydraulic and pneumatic component repair and full vehicle rebuilds.

Fabrication workshop

The SETCO Australia fabrication workshop facility offers full design and manufacture of specialty vehicle attachments, material transportation systems including general purpose trailers, mega bolt trailers, gravel trailers and diesel and electric powered vehicle design, modifications and repair

SETCO Australia has a proven record of producing innovative solutions for many of the issues facing the operators of diesel fleets in the underground coal industry worldwide. If you would like to see how our company can help your coal business be safer and more productive please contact us.

Certification ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management Systems

Notice of Recognised
Service Facility (RSF) For Explosive Protected Diesel Engines System

AS/NZS 3800:2005
Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres